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Competitor's Coupon Acceptance Policy

We gladly accept our competitor's printed coupons as outlined:
Must be a "printed coupon" designed to be redeemed for an offer or value
Must be a valid offer (current and not expired)
Competitors are those recognized to be in our direct market (listed below)
Must be original coupons as circulated by our competitor (No photocopies)
Must be on "Comparable" products.

"We will make every effort to find an ACME product relative to size and type."

Customers are expected to announce the coupon at the time of order.
The following limitations apply:
We do not accept checkout coupons ($/ cents or % off next or this purchase-market basket)
We do not accept print at home internet coupons that require no purchase
We do not accept free offers that require no purchase
We do not accept double or triple value coupons
Competitor coupons cannot be combined with any other ACME offers
Coupons have NO CASH value
Competitor's coupons will not be accepted via on-line ordering
We reserve the right to refuse the acceptance of any or all a competitor's coupons at any time at our sole discretion and without any written notice

Competitors included in this policy are:
Jason's New York Style Pizza (Old Town)
Angelo's Pizzeria (Old Town)
Orono House of Pizza
Pat's Pizza (Orono)
Lissus Pizza (Orono)
Domino's Pizza (Old Town)
Freshies On The Run (Milford)
Birmingham's Market (Old Town)
Johnny's Pizza (Old Town)


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